Second Floor:

  • Registration! Don’t forget to get your pink bracelet
  • KC Studios – pick up your official 2017 Pendulum Coffee Mug
  • Moes Making
  • Anodyne Coffee Roasters
  • Pilcrow Coffee Roasters
  • Fiddleheads Coffee and Bakery

Third Floor:

  • Urbal Tea
  • Indulgence Chocolatiers
  • Oro di Olivia – self serving sampling station of Espresso Balsamic Vinegar
  • Coffeeville Co.
  • Cafe Chapin
  • Kickapoo Coffee Roasters
  • Torke Coffee Roasters
  • Valentine Coffee Roasters
  • Johnson Bros Coffee Roasters
  • Burman Coffee Traders
  • Mt. Meru Coffee Project

Classes – on level two near registration

  • 12:00PM & 3:00PM – Chain of Quality by Josh Dugue of Kickapoo Coffee. Join Josh as he explores the supply chain and its effect on the quality in the cup.
  • 1:00PM – Cupping demonstrations by various roasters. Join us as we show you the craft of assessing coffee when making coffee buying decisions.