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Ratio: Mixing Coffee and Math

I know, I know. It’s 6am and the last thing you want to do is math. But listen up cause if you aren’t using the proper ratio to brew your coffee then you could be failing your class. Also, there will be a quiz at the end.

What is ratio? It’s how much ground coffee you use to how much water you pour over it. Many adjustments can be made to this equation which can have a dramatic effect on your output. So let’s KISS – keep it simple stupid.

Question: Do you have a scale? If no, then go buy a scale before you proceed. If yes, does it measure grams? If no, then please note that I am talking in grams here. You might need to do some converting on your end (just ask Siri or Alexa). Otherwise I’d recommend buying a gram scale.

Let’s continue. For every new coffee I buy I always start with a 1:16 ratio. This means for every 1 gram of coffee I use 16ml (1ml is very close to 1g so you can continue to use your gram scale).  So my 6am equation looks like this:

28g of coffee; 448ml of water (same as 448g); ~15oz of brewed coffee

That’s it! Ready for your quiz. Brew your coffee using a ratio and then go on Twitter to tell us what your equation was – @pendulumcoffee. Brew strong my coffee lovers!

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