Brew Better

Brew Coffee Better

With all the cool, new, hip coffee joints popping up all over the place it’s nice to know that majority of the people who drink coffee do so in the comfort of their own home. According to a 2017 survey conducted  by Statista, 87% of coffee drinkers usually drink coffee at home.

So when you are brewing this prized elixir are you getting the most out what you buy? Here are three things you should have to beef up your arsenal:

  1. Water Quality
    • Water filtering device of some kind
    • Electric kettle to control the temperature of your water
  2. Grinder
    • Burr grinder to give you a consistent grind size
    • Proper grind size (fine: espresso; medium: drip; coarse: French press)
  3. Ratio
    • Scale that measures in grams
    • 1:16 ratio – for every gram of coffee use 16ml of water


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