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Start Every Day with ONE Really Delicious Pour Over

I didn’t start drinking coffee until after college, circa 2008. In those days, I was working 2-3 jobs and coffee was more about quantity than quality. I had no idea what I was doing, I made coffee in an espresso maker (hey, it was free!). Sometimes it tasted good, sometimes not so good. I just kept trying different things and following my taste.

A bit later I started using my roommates french press. I dabbled briefly in the Keurig craze and, of course, the ‘set it and forget it’ overnight gallon sized coffee maker. I remember hearing about different methods and taking note of little tidbits I’d hear, like a friend using a (hopefully clean) sock to brew while he served in the Peace Corp in Honduras, or an awesome former manager that would hand grind an afternoon pour over, energizing the entire office with just the scent. Never did get around to trying the sock thing but I did get a pour over soon after and really liked that.

What I really love is that there is no one correct way to do things and by brewing at home you get to experiment and make it exactly the way you like. I’m proud to be part of an organization that promotes this learning in an approachable way. Today, I start every day with ONE really delicious, super concentrated pour over or cold brew. Cheers!

Shauna is co-owner and Coffee Marketing Officer of Pendulum Coffee.

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